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Parents of Karen Davila continue daughter’s legacy with scholarship

Katherine Mercer, Staff Writer

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Karen Davila was a student at Connally who died from cancer on the first day of her junior year. Her family decided to honor her intelligence, good grades and kindness with the Karen Davila Scholarship that gives $500 to a student who shares values the family deems important or similar to what Karen displayed in her life.

Senior Angelynn Roberts was awarded the scholarship this year and said she applied to honor Karen and their friendship.

“I met Karen when I was in 6th grade and she was in 8th grade.” Roberts said. “We were on the bus and she sat down beside me and we talked a little. She was so kind. At one point I organized a bake sale in my church to raise money to help her and payed for half of her shots. So I was close with her family and she made me feel a lot better during bad days.”

Angelynn said she was interested in the scholarship because it honors a student’s intelligence.

“The scholarship is made for people who love to learn,” she said. “Karen loved to learn, and I love to learn. The scholarship helps people continue their love for learning so I applied and I did it to honor Karen.“

The family started the scholarship the year Karen would have graduated as a way to preserve her memory and do what Karen wanted in life; to do the world some good.

“She was a smart girl, she had a lot of interest in being somebody and doing the world some good,” Karen’s father Paul Davila,said. “Even though she was going through chemo, she was still number one in school. She would have been valedictorian.”

Karen’s mother Sonia Davila shared her experiences with Karen, and how Karen was and always will be her heart.

““The reason why we started the scholarship was because there’s lots of parents who can’t afford their child’s college and children deserve to have a future unlike how it was for me. Karen was so bright and I wanted her to have a future. She wanted herself and others to have hope and a future.”

During treatment, her mother said that Karen always told her to make her life useful in the eyes of family, friends, and God.

“When treatment started, she always said, ‘Mama, please tell my story because to live is to serve purpose and be useful.’”

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Parents of Karen Davila continue daughter’s legacy with scholarship