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Tardy policy should be reconsidered

Brittany Marrero, co-editor

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Once a student reaches three tardies in a six weeks period, lunch detention is given as punishment. After reaching five tardies, the student receives a day of ISS.

In the previous school year, the limit before getting ISS was much higher. Lunch detention was still given as a periodic punishment. The students lost lunch privileges while still being able to participate in their usual classes. The previous tardy rules should not have been adjusted.

Taking a student out of their classes for an entire day of ISS for missing a small portion of five only contradicts its purpose. Tardy time is anywhere between one to fifteen minutes versus an entire eight hours. It is possible to catch up from missing fifteen minutes of a class but missing all eight periods sets the student back.

The six week period lasts around 30 school days. Within this time there are eight classes to attend per day. Tardies can rack up quickly and they do not necessarily mean a student is being neglectful. Not all cases are an intent to be late or to skip. Reasons such as distances, crowds, and bathroom breaks can cause someone to reach the max of five over that time period.

A solution could be to assign lunch detentions after a reasonable point and to assess the consistent ones individually. People are still forced to better manage their time but are not given ISS for minor reasons. ISS is not always a solution.

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Tardy policy should be reconsidered