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Reduce The Hype Of Stereotypes

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All Muslims are terrorists. Every African American eats fried chicken and watermelon, and every white person goes to Starbucks before work. These are a few of the many stereotypes that have made their way into modern society.

Stereotypes are highly prejudiced, and judgmental. They are the reasons why many people are skeptical to ride on the same plane as someone who is wearing a turban. Or why more women are playing football to prove they are the equivalent to a man. These accusations have been made because of a few people’s actions and we too often base our views on them.

These labels have struck fear in us, and because of that fear, we lock our doors when we see three black teenagers walk past our cars in case they try to ‘rob’ us, and move away when we see a group of people dressed as goths because we don’t want to be near their ‘devil-worshipping’ spirit. These stereotypes are not fair to the groups they are made against. The stereotypes should not play any role in how we do, or react to things.

There are some truths to these stereotypes though, believe it or not. There has been a percentage of terrorist attacks where the culprits were Muslim. The many members  of the black community can’t go a day without eating fried chicken, and a lot of white people do go to Starbucks before they go to work, or school. However, 94 percent of terrorists who have committed acts of terrorism have been non-Muslim, and you can find any person of any race eating a piece of watermelon.

In the end, stereotypes are anti-ethnic, racial, and even sexist. They may never go away, but one must be mindful of how they could affect a person’s social life. Perhaps if everyone were to become more aware of their own stereotyping, they may be able to stop it. It only would be a matter of time before the stereotypes would die and make the world a better place.

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Reduce The Hype Of Stereotypes