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Divided States of America

Election leads to overreaction, hateful attitudes

Alyssa Chavez, Co-editor

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The division among Americans grew clearer with each passing day leading up to Election Day. This election was a ticking time-bomb, and this was extremely evident from the time that Trump and Clinton were announced as the official nominees. Neither candidate was particularly well-liked, and many Americans bluntly expressed their dislike for the candidates online. When election day arrived, the fate of the Divided States of America was hours away.

Since Donald Trump was named as the winner, the division has continued to grow. Many of the people who opposed him have expressed their outrage through protests nationwide. The streets filled with protesters in places like Portland, Oregon, and Austin, Texas, and #NotMyPresident trended on Twitter due to thousands of tweets about people’s unhappiness with the choice. While I understand their side of things, I believe that there has been an overreaction to the results.

Among those who are protesting, the idea of giving up hope for the future of the nation has been circulating. The future may seem dark, but hope has to remain that a light will shine through during Trump’s term. As citizens of this country, people should be using their voices to communicate with their government officials about the changes that are wanted rather than using their voices to express ugliness towards someone or something. Whining will not create progress. The very least that can be done is to hope that Trump’s administration keeps him on the right path to ensure that the best is done for the nation and its people.

Another result of the election has been the negative attitudes of supporters of the opposite parties towards each other. The ability to have a difference of opinions about political candidates  is a blessing that Americans have, so it should not lead to an argument criticizing the intelligence of the opposite person for supporting their candidate. If a debate is to be had, it is important to remain civil. People should not feel like they will be attacked for their views because of something that the candidate has done. The world is already full of hate happening daily, and it is unnecessary to add to that with condescending arguments.

The next four years will not last forever. It might feel that way, but life will go on. The beauty of our government system is that new choices will be presented by the time that the next election rolls around if the current expectations are not met during Trump’s presidency. If the state of the country turns out to not be great, the opportunity will be presented to try to make a change. This election has shown the importance of people using their voices to help create the change that they want. Only one thing is guaranteed to change if people do not speak up, nothing.

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Divided States of America