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Students, staff share thoughts for change

Katie Mercer, Staff Writer

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If given a chance to make a change, several students and teachers shared what they would like to be done differently.

Sophomore Katie Watts, who is part of the ECHS program, said one thing she would change if she could, is Prime Time. She said she would do away with it all together.

“We are taking several minutes out of every core class in order to make time for Prime Time,” she said.” “That’s several minutes that we could use to learn more in a class that we have to pass in order to graduate. Instead we take that time out and go to a whole new class that we only attend once a week with people that we don’t feel comfortable sharing or learning around. I feel that if we would just stay in our regular classes that more would be accomplished academic-wise.”

Senior Cody Wilson, the communications officer for Student Council, said he wants the school to put more responsibility on the students.

“Treat them like adults,” he said. “Get them ready for the real world. Get them to do things so people don’t have to hold their hands. Give them the tools and outline it, but have them do it for themselves.”

ECHS English teacher Danielle MacDonald said she would change how classroom instruction and core lessons are structured so the students can teach each other and share interests.

“I would change how the class is structured so the kids have the optimum amount of time and space to create and teach their peers rather than the teacher being the primary teacher in the classroom.”

Spanish teacher Liesel Wilson said she is very impressed with the high school and could not think of any major changes she would make. She did say that she would make the lunch longer.

“Although I can eat in 30 minutes, it goes by very quickly,” she said. “I can only imagine how fast that time must fly if you have to stand in the cafeteria line before beginning lunch.  Also, I wonder how do students ever have time to eat off campus?  By the time they drive somewhere, order, wait for food, eat, and come back, how can they make it?”

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The student news site of Connally High School
Students, staff share thoughts for change