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Tardy policy should be reconsidered

Brittany Marrero, co-editor

February 15, 2017

Filed under Opinion

Once a student reaches three tardies in a six weeks period, lunch detention is given as punishment. After reaching five tardies, the student receives a day of ISS. In the previous school year, the limit before getting ISS was m...

Reduce The Hype Of Stereotypes

Kacie Bridgewater, Staff Writer

February 3, 2017

Filed under Opinion

All Muslims are terrorists. Every African American eats fried chicken and watermelon, and every white person goes to Starbucks before work. These are a few of the many stereotypes that have made their way into modern society. ...

Divided States of America

Alyssa Chavez, Co-editor

December 12, 2016

Filed under Opinion

The division among Americans grew clearer with each passing day leading up to Election Day. This election was a ticking time-bomb, and this was extremely evident from the time that Trump and Clinton were announced as the official ...

Be thankful for your mother

Lori Kreder, Adviser

November 20, 2015

Filed under Opinion

This column was written by newspaper adviser Lori Kreder as an example of a personal column to share with the newspaper staff. Newspaper editor Destiny Gerick and members of the staff asked for this story be posted on the Cadet ...

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